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Midas Wish versus Coronavirus Effects - Escuela de Gastronomía en San Luis Potosí

Midas Wish versus Coronavirus Effects

Midas Wish versus Coronavirus Effects


When true happiness is not recognized, a tragedy happens, just like King Midas and his avarice. He had so much that all he wanted was more! Then a blessing became a curse. The same we are living now; when life could be lived so fast, the world itself slowed down to take and give us a break.

Nowadays, we are facing the worldwide pandemic Coronavirus. Obviously, it has not been a human desire like the one Midas had, but it is the result of many desires that avarice has led when incurring in living practices in this globalized world. Our daily life has been stopped and it just cannot continue as we were used to.   Many daily activities have changed and when it comes to professional or domestic gastronomy it has done too.

While listening on the radio to a professional in the infectious disease field, she said that the virus is not flying in the air, but it may survive over surfaces between 3 to 9 hours; therefore, products at the supermarkets tend to be infected and they are another source of infection for customers doing their shopping. Hence, some simple practices have to be done more carefully if we want to keep ourselves safe from being infected. Just like Midas, whatever he touched became gold, now whatever we touched becomes infected. For that reason, we have to be extremely careful when doing our grocery shopping and prevent any chance to bring the virus into our kitchen.

Here are some recommendations. When shopping try to buy produce as well as products with packaging that can be disinfected once you arrive home. Prepare a solution in a spray bottle with water and chlorine, as indicated by sanitary authorities. Choose an area in the kitchen, where disinfection will take place. Spray the solution over all products packed in plastic containers, plastic bags, cardboard and even delicate ones like a duster; then clean them thoroughly with a clean cloth or paper towel. This step must be preferably done item by item. Put them aside and let them rest allowing at least three hours before using them or putting them away in your pantry.

When it comes to fruit and vegetables use a good judgment to buy those that can be easily washed and disinfected.  Watermelons, guavas, apples, grapes, mangos, tomatoes, onions, bell peppers, limes and lemons, squash, carrots, cucumbers; all of them can be washed with a similar solution, even with soap added, then rinsed them with running water. Let them be drained for a couple of hours before putting them away. Strawberries can be spray with the chlorine solution, passed in soapy water without rubbing much on them and then rinsed completely.

Finally, do not forget the bags in which the products are carried from the stores to the kitchen. They must also be disinfected. Spray them completely with the chlorine solution and let them dry being hanged out in the sun, preferably.

We are not Midas making everything we touch in gold, but certainly if we are not careful enough, whatever we touch will be infected and so will be our body, our home, and our beloved ones. Let´s be responsible with ourselves and respectful with our surroundings; only that way we will overcome this pandemic that has transform our lives.  

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